Stav Eitan is a video artist and Illustrator born in Israel. She lived 6 years in London as a child, moved to Israel when her parents got divorced and spent 2 months of every year in the UK.From a small age she had a great interest in photography. In her High school studies she studied in a school of arts specialising in cinematography which revealed a whole new world of art for her.She started creating video art movies, which was very different from the “cinematic” movies her friends in class did as her orientation was into the very small artistic details of the image.

After finishing high School she went to Bezalel Academy for Arts & Design studying in the Video Art department (Screen Arts). While she was there she took part in a student exchange in UdK Berlin for one semester. Stav Eitan draws her inspiration from the small things that for some people are being ignored and taken for granted, she likes to explore the micro items/details on the streets, the tension between nature and urbanity and people’s behaviour and their crave for "normality". Also she tests her relationship with her family members such as her mother, father, brother, grandmother and grandfather trying to understand the complexity of her personality through these revelations.
She also puts herself into performative characters such as her last project “No Name To Flourish”